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山東成人高考網www.ptvguy.com 發布時間: 2018年04月02日


第四章 閱讀理解II(P89-140)



IV. Reading Comprehension (60 points)

Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


Passage One

Win a week in England!

You still don't know what to do this summer? Well, here's your chance to win a one-week language course in Kent, England! Free 4 Fun and ETC (English Travel Connections) are giving away two trips to Rochester. This historic city is less than an hour's drive from London and close to the sea resort of Herne Bay. It is also the home of one of England's most famous writers, Charles Dickens. The town of Rochester is in Southeast England. Charles Dickens often wrote about it in his books. His home, God’s Hill, is there, too. A popular attraction is Rochester Castle, a large Norman fortress. It was built in the 11 th century and rebuilt during the 14th century. Other attractions are 36Rochester Cathedral, which was built during the 13th century, and Dickens Centre. It has got its name in honor of Dickens himself.

The trip to England includes:

*   travel by train (via the Euro tunnel) to and from any railway station in Germany

*   room and full board with a guest family for one week

*   language course in small groups

*   two trips to London

*   37large choice of sports and entertainment

*   German-speaking advisors available 24 hours a day

Interested? All you have to do is to answer the following question:

39When was Charles Dickens born?

So, take the chance and send your answer by l May to:

Free4Fun "Rochester"

Free4Fun, 24 Elphinstone Road, Hastings, 2FQ6VJ

fax: 089 / 85 763-103

38e-mail: free4 fun@ netlight. com

The two winners will be contacted directly before 5 May. They will also be announced in the June

issue of Free4Fun. Good luck!

For further information contact:

phone: (03212) 144 43

fax: (03212) 144 42

e-mail: info@ etc. com

36. Rochester Cathedral was built in the          .

A. 1100s   

B. 1200s    

C. 1300s        

D. 1400s



37. What activities can you participate in during the trip?

A. Working as an advisor.  

B. Learning German language.

C. Traveling with a guest family.

D. Enjoying sports and entertainment



38. If you want to win a prize you have to send your answer to          .

A. the June issue of Free 4fun   

B. free4fun@ netlight.com

C. info@ etc. corn    




39. The persons who know        of Charles Dickens are likely to win the free trip.

A. the birth date                    

B. the home town

C. the major works                  

D. the writing style




Passage Two

40 In 2000, with little but a bar and a church left to make it a destination, tiny St. James, Nebraska, was taken off state highway maps. 40,41Then the church closed, and the small farm village in the state's northeast corner looked set to just disappear.  43Thanks to five devoted women, it didn't.

In May 2001, after meeting with staff from the Center for Rural Affairs, the friends--Louise Guy, Vicky Koch, Jeanette Pinkelman, Mary Rose Pinkelman and Violet Pinkelman--opened a weekend market for vendors (小商販) to sell handcrafts and local food.

"We felt like, what can we do to bring the community together?" says Mary Rose Pinkelman. "We decided to make a place to sell local goods. " They set up shop in the church school, which, though closed for nearly 40 years, had been well maintained. The first weekend, 16 vendors took over an old classroom. The result was an instant hit. Today, the market draws up to 70 vendors--who sell such items as homemade jellies, baked goods, hand-woven rugs, and farm-grown produce--and what Pinkelman calls an unexpected number of visitors. In the process, the market has made St. James a destination again, putting it back on the state road map.

40. According to Paragraph l, what fate was St. James, Nebraska suffering?

A. The replacement of the church school.   

B. The disappearance from highway maps

C. The closedown of the bar.  

D. The set-up of a market.



41. St. James in this passage is        .

A. a small village                

B. a little farm

C. a tiny city                     

D. a little town



42. What does the underlined phrase "an instant hit" (Paragraph 3) mean?

A. A fast blow.                          

B. A sudden beat.

C. A big strike.                          

D. A quick success.



43. St. James has been put back to the state road map due to          .

A. the efforts of five women     

B. the efforts of the Center for Rural Affairs

C. the vendors in the local place   

D. the unexpected number of visitors




Passage Three

44 Romeo and Juliet was probably written in 1595, when Shakespeare was a young, successful playwright. He had already written comedies and history plays, but had not yet developed his skill at tragedy.

The power of fate is strong in Shakespeare's play. 45Chance and evil eventually join to bring tragedy. Chance involves Romeo in a murder; chance prevents a message from reaching Romeo in time; chance brings about a deadly meeting in a cemetery.

Many Elizabethans were followers of astrology (星相術) and believed that the stars could control events. Thus, Romeo and Juliet are referred to as "star-crossed lovers" whose stars doomed (命中注定) them to disaster.

46 Elizabethans also had a concept of fate in the person of Dame Fortune (命運女神). By spinning her wheel, she could raise the state of a beggar or lower that of a king. One of the fascinations of Shakespeare is the way in which he put these ideas into the play.

47One of the most difficult things to decide about this play is the question of responsibility. Did irresistible fate bring tragedy to Romeo and Juliet, or were they themselves to blame? The fact that this question is not resolved by the author also helps to make Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet a fascinating work.

44. According to Paragraph l, Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet          .

A. when he succeeded in comedies and history plays

B. after he had developed his skill in tragedy

C. before he wrote comedies and history plays

D. when he was no longer young



45. According to the passage, chance         .

A. involves Juliet in a murder

B. sends Romeo and Juliet into evil-doing

C. causes late arrival of a message for Romeo

D. leads to a happy meeting between Romeo and Juliet