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山東成人高考網www.ptvguy.com 發布時間: 2018年12月25日

    1、enable sb to do sth 使或人能做某事

  eg:The computer enables people to communicate with each other more conveniently.計算機使人們彼此間能更方便地交流。

  2、be about to do sth… when 正要做某事……俄然……

  eg:I was about to go shopping when it suddenly began to rain.我剛要出去買東西,天就俄然下雨了。

  3、by accident/by chance/accidentally 偶爾地

  4、come across sb 偶爾遇見

  5、act on sth 依……行事

  eg:Each student should act on the rules and regulations of the school.每個學生都應該恪守校園的規章制度。

  6、add to/add up to 加上/總計達

  eg:The number of the patients added up to three hundred last week.上星期,患者人數達到了三百人。

  7、in advance/ahead of time 提早

  8、after all 究竟

  9、agree to do sth/agree with sb 贊同做某事/贊同或人

    11、allow/permit/forbid doing sth 答應/答應/制止做某事

  12、allow/permit/forbid sb to do sth 答應/答應/制止或人做某事

  13、apologize to sb for sth 因某事向或人抱歉

  14、take sth in one's arms 抱著……

  15、arrive at a conclusion 得出結論

  16、put sb to shame 使或人相形見絀

  eg:His courage put all the other students to shame.他的勇氣令其他學生都感到羞愧不如。

  17、be astonish at sth 因某事感到震動

  18、make the bed 鋪床

  19、blame sb for sth/it is me to blame 因某事責怪或人/該受責怪的人是我

  20、break down/break up/break out/break into 壞了/遣散/爆發/破門而入