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山東成人高考網www.ptvguy.com 發布時間: 2018年12月26日

       41、depend on/rely on/feed on/live on 依托/依托/用……喂食/以……為生

  42、in the distance/at a distance 在遠處/隔一段距離

  43、dress sb in sth/sb be dressed in sth 裝扮或人

  44、be due to do sth 如期,按理該做某事,因為

  eg:The train is due to arrive at 5 o'clock.火車應在五點抵達。

  eg:The failure is totally due to his carelessness.失利都是由他的大意形成的。

  45、be eager to do sth/be eager for sth 迫不及待做某事/對……很熱衷

  46、have an effect on sth 對……有影響

  eg:Smoking has a bad effect on people's health.吸煙有害健康。

  47、make efforts to do sth 想方設法做某事

  48、equip sb with sth/arm sb with sth 用……來裝備或人

  eg:The young people must arm themselves with knowledge.年輕人必須用常識裝備自己的腦筋。

  49、expect sb to do sth/count on sb to do sth/want sb to do sth 等待或人做某事/盼望或人做某事/想讓或人做某事

  50、make a face/be faced with sth 做鬼臉/面臨……

  eg:She was faced with many difficulties when doing the experiment.她在做試驗時遇到很多艱難。

       51、have faith in sth/be faithful to sth 對……忠實

  52、fall asleep/fall ill/fall silent 入睡/患病/康復幽靜

  53、sb be familiar with sth/sth be familiar to sb 或人了解某物

  54、find fault with sb/sb be at fault 挑或人的缺點/是或人的錯

  55、do sb a favor/give sb a hand 幫或人忙

  56、feel like doing sth/would like to do sth 想要做某事

  57、be fit/suitable for sth 合適,擔任

  eg:Mary believes that she is fit for the new job.瑪麗信任她可以擔任新的作業。

  58、be fond of doing sth 對做某事感興趣

  59、force sb to do sth/make sb do sth/have sb do sth/get sb to do sth/let sb do 迫使或人做某事,讓或人做某事

  60、give out/give away/give up/give in/give off/give back 分發/送人/拋棄/屈從/開釋氣體/償還

  eg:I saw a man giving out pamphlets on the street.我剛看見一個人在街道上正發傳單。

  eg:When I grow up,I give away all my toys to my brothers.我長大后,把一切的玩具都給了我弟弟。

  eg:Cars give off much poisonous gas every day.轎車每天開釋出許多有害氣體。