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山東成人高考網www.ptvguy.com 發布時間: 2018年12月26日

       61、learn/know sth by heart 背誦,牢記在心

  62、help oneself to sth/cannot help doing sth/cannot help to do sth 隨意吃/忍不住做某事/不能幫助做某事

  63、hold on/hold up 堅持,稍等/堵塞

  64、insist on/persist in/stick to 堅持

  65、knock at the door/knock into the wall/knock out sb/knock sth off/knock sth over 敲門/撞墻/打暈或人/把……打掉/把……撞倒

  eg:Who has knocked the vase off the shelf誰把花瓶從架子上弄掉的

  66、let out the secret/keep sth a secret 泄密/保存隱秘

  67、before long/long before/it is not long before …好久之前/不久以后/不久以后便……

  eg:It was not long before I realized that how foolish I was at that time.不久以后我便認識到我其時是多么的愚笨。

  68、be made up of/consist of/contain/include 由……構成/包含,包含

  eg:The class is made up of fifty students./The class consists of fifty students./The class contains/includes fifty students.這個班由五十名學生構成。

  69、mean to do sth/mean doing sth 計劃做某事/意味著做某事

  eg:I didn't mean to hurt you by telling you the truth.我通知你本相并不是計劃要損傷你。

  eg:It means killing me that you lie to me.對我說謊就意味著要殺了我。

  70、in badly need of/in lack of/in want of 急需,缺少

       71、have nothing to do with sb/it is none of sb's business 和或人不要緊/不論你的事

  72、object to sth/doing sth 對立某事/對立做某事

  73、an idea occur to sb 或人俄然想到一個主見

  eg:An idea occurred to Tom that he can hide himself under the bridge.湯姆俄然想到他能夠藏在橋底下。

  74、owe sth to 把……歸功于

  eg:He owed all his success to the supports from his family.他把成功歸功于家人的支撐。

  75、pay sb some money for sth

  76、sth cost sb some money

  77、sb spend some money on sth/in doing sth

  78、it takes sb some money to do sth

  79、take place/take one's place/take the place of sb 發作/替代或人/替代或人

  80、practise doing sth 聯絡做某事