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山東成人高考網www.ptvguy.com 發布時間: 2018年12月25日

    21、hold one's breath/out of breath 摒住呼吸/上氣不接下氣

  22、bring about/bring up 導致,使發作/撫育長大

  23、burst into tears/laughters 俄然大哭/大笑

  24、burst out crying/laughing 俄然大哭/大笑

  25、call at sp/call on sb/call up/call off/call out to/call for/call on sb to do 訪問某地/訪問或人/打電話/撤銷/大喊/叫來/召喚或人做某事

  26、carry out/work out/point out/find out 實現/做出/指出/查明

  27、catch up with sb/keep up with sb/put up with sb 趕上或人/跟上或人/忍受或人

  28、change sth into sth/exchange sth for sth 把……變成/交換

  eg:Can you change this note into coins你能把這張紙幣換成硬幣嗎

  eg:May I exchange this book for your new pen我能用這本書換你的新筆嗎

  29、come into being/come to oneself 構成/康復認識

  eg:The new system came into being in the late 19th century.這種新體制在十九世紀后期開始構成。

  30、have sth in common with sb 和或人有共同點

  eg:The twins have a lot of things in common with each other.孿生姐妹

    31、congratulate sb on sth/doing sth 祝賀或人某事

  32、be regarded/thought of/considered as 被認為,被當成

  33、be content/satisfied/pleased with 對……感到滿足

  34、encourage sb to do sth/encourage sb in sth 鼓舞或人做某事

  eg:He always encourages me to work hard.他老是鼓舞我要努力工作。

  eg:He always encourages me in my study.他老是在我的英語上給我鼓舞。

  35、be covered with 被……覆蓋

  36、deal with/do with/handle 處理,處理

  37、be determined to do sth/make up one's mind to do 下定決心做某事

  38、to some degree/to some extent/in a way 從某種程度上來說

  39、put off…until/delay 推延

  eg:The sport meeting has been put off until next Friday.運動會現已被推延到下周五。

  40、take delight in sth/doing sth 取悅于做某事

  eg:One should not take delight in making fun of others.人不能以嘲笑他人為樂。